Orlando, FL (January 18, 2021) -- Adding to the company’s line of hand-wound, premium quality pickups, Singletone is releasing the Kraken of P-90 pickups for 2021.

Singletone’s new Vintage A6 P-90 pickups use vintage techniques and AlNiCo 6 magnets to create the ultimate P-90 tone while retaining all of the midrange push that P90s are known for. Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnets

Singletone Introduces Vintage A6 P-90 Pickups - Premier Guitar

This killer set of P-90s offers increased clarity without any treble harshness in the bridge or mud in the neck. Offering extraordinary versatility and articulation, the Vintage A6 90 is designed to work with your guitar volume knob: roll back your volume knob for clean and clear tone, or go up to 10 for the full flamethrower experience!

The original P-90 pickups set the stage for the ultimate single coil tone. Singletone Pickups has taken that stage and refined it. Our Vintage A6 pickups use vintage spec materials: nickel silver baseplates, enamel wire, 2 wire braided hookup leads, 1010 steel retainers, and PAF style screws and are wound to vintage specs. Then we use alnico 6 magnets in unison with our own secret blend of other alnico grade magnets for the neck and bridge positions to create the perfect blend of vintage tone with modern versatility.

Singletone Pickups is committed to excellence and customer service. We create pickups designed for the player who wants to have a signature sound as well as emulate the guitar gods of the past. All pickups come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defect.

MSRP: $180.00 per matched set – dog-ear and soap bar versions available directly online at

Singletone Introduces Vintage A6 P-90 Pickups - Premier Guitar

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