Sons Of The Forest - How to Make a Bow -

Whether used for hunting or to fend off cannibals, the bow is a formidable early game weapon to stay alive in Sons Of The Forest. Though the tactical axe, utility knife, and spear work well for close-range melee combat, the bow gives your survivor the benefit of range and even surprise – valuable tools in Sons Of The Forest’s harsh world.

As with many crafting recipes and materials in Sons Of The Forest, the game doesn’t give you much to go on, leaving you to explore and find what’s needed. If you’re struggling to figure out how it all works, we’ve got you covered with this guide to how to make a bow in Sons Of The Forest. archery bag

Sons Of The Forest - How to Make a Bow -

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To craft a bow in Sons Of The Forest, you’ll need the following items:

To make the bow in Sons Of The Forest:

You’ll find sticks in abundant quantities on the ground near the crash site, in the forest, and even on beaches. You can even ask Kelvin, your companion, to gather sticks and bring them to you, though you’ll quickly end up with a massive pile as, despite his vacant look, he’s own efficient gather.

The best places to find rope are at abandoned camps or in caves – for more details, check out our dedicated guide to getting rope in Sons Of The Forest. 


You’ll pick up Duct Tape in containers, crates, and cases across the island. The crash site usually has several rolls you can pick up from the start of the game. Otherwise, look in and around abandoned camps, shipwrecks, and near corpses. You’ll also stumble into the odd one or two containers out in the forest.

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Sons Of The Forest - How to Make a Bow -

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