Schneider Electric is launching a new at-home electric vehicle (EV) charger, joining a host of inverter manufacturers targeting the home EV charging market as the switch to electric gathers pace.

The new product from Schneider includes an anti-tripping device that ensures that people can charge their car and turn on appliances such as the dishwasher at the same time. Wall Mounted Ev Charger

Schneider launches new home EV charger into Australian market

This is addressed through an in-built RDC-DD or Residual Direct Current – Detecting Device, which switches off a live circuit in the event that a person or animal touches it.

It means EV owners only need to install a cheaper Type A circuit breaker, rather than the more expensive Type B version.

Type A circuit breakers’ sensitivity can leave drivers waking up in the morning only to find their car hasn’t charged at all overnight.

But the way EVs charge can also mean it may not recognise a dangerous ‘earth leakage’, as happens when a hand, for example, gets in the way of the current and the electricity leaps into the ground instead via that person’s body. An RDC-DD can mitigate that blind spot.

“As more Australians go electric it’s important that they have access to cost-effective and sustainable charging solutions. As such, electricians are becoming the trusted professionals guiding them and making sure they have the most efficient and safe installation,” said Chris Kerr, an executive at Schneider Electric.

Australians are rapidly taking to EVs, and 2023 has long been expected to be the year adoption takes off.

Sales of EVs in 2022 rose 61 per cent year-on-year from 20,655 to 33,410, aided by the fact that Australians now have a choice of nearly 50 EV models compared to the five available just five years ago.

NSW and Tesla led those numbers, and in 2023 sales of Telsa’s Model Y are expected to surpass those of Toyota’s RAV4 globally and has already outpaced the Toyota Camry.

In February and March, EVs were 6.8 per cent of all new car sales, with a rise in the range and number of affordable models set to enter the Australian market this year.

Rachel Williamson is a science and business journalist, who focuses on climate change-related health and environmental issues.

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Schneider launches new home EV charger into Australian market

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